Monday, December 22, 2008

Winged Foot Title eRecords

Winged Foot Title, LLC is proud to announce its first successful eRecording. In keeping with our commitment to crafting exceptional real estate transactions through the use of the latest technology, Winged Foot Title, LLC this week became one of the first settlement services companies to begin eRecording with the Lee County Clerk of Courts.

“eRecording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing documents for recording via the Internet that have traditionally been sent to the County for recording by runner, express mail, or courier service.” We simply scan the recordable documents (e.g., deeds, mortgages, powers of attorneys, affidavits, etc.); upload those files to the Clerk; and within very few minutes receive an electronic copy of the already recorded documents.

What does this mean for real estate professionals and their clients? Our investment in eRecording technology means reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and a more memorable closing experience. A process that once took not less than a week (sending the original documents via courier to the Clerk; awaiting their recording and return to us via mail) now takes less than an hour. The cost of sending and receiving recordables is instantly reduced by 75%, a savings that is necessarily passed on to consumers.

The process is so efficient that in most cases your buyers can walk away from our closing table with a copy of their recorded deed and their owner’s policy of title insurance. This gives new meaning to the term “closing.”

If you would like to experience the cutting edge of settlement services, contact Winged Foot Title, LLC today to find out more.

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